The Ratchet2.0

The Ratchet V3 - Scaffolding Socket Wrench 19mm - 22mm

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The Original, but new and improved!

Podger Wrench, Scaffold Wrench, Podger Ratchet, Scaffold Ratchet, Podger Spanner...

whatever you call it, this Scaffold Socket Wrench is the first and last one you'll buy.

Designed by The Ratchet 2.0 man himself, this Podger Wrench answers the question.

The wrench body bend faces away from you so the 22mm (7/8) is in the tightening position, allowing for a smoother operation. 

12-point socket allows a better grip on metric & standard scaffolding bolts & clamps, even stripped clamps, and bolts versus the industry standard 6-point socket. This gives you the “wiggle room” to maneuver around the occasional off-size you run into.

Designed for up to 60 lbs of torque, making even the toughest nut a breeze to loosen.

Made from incredibly tough and durable Cr-V (Chromium-Vanadium) steel. Incorporating carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, chromium, and vanadium. Chromium and vanadium both make the steel harder. Chromium also helps resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion.

Other scaffolding wrenches are made from alloy steel and not designed for the daily rigors of scaffolding work.

Matte Black Finish for improved grip and handling.

Use in conjunction with the ToolMate 5 lb. Strap with Cord Loop and D Ring to tether to your harness. 

And don't forget to pickup the original The Ratchet scaffold wrench holster and The Ratchet Mini Bolt Cutter to complete the set!

This is the best podger wrench, scaffold wrench, scaffold socket wrench, scaffold ratchet on the market.