The Ratchet2.0

Leather Holster for Scaffold Wrench/ Ratchet/ Podger/ Spanner

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Designed to fit most ratchets, podgers, spanners, & wrenches in the business.

Fits The Ratchet2.0 V2 and V3 perfectly.

Made of (1/8"inch / 3.175 millimeter) thick Black Stained and Weather Treated Leather.

Belt slots pre-cut.

Fits the Blaklader 4014 0000 Stretch Web Belt

A holding loop of 5/8"inch / 15.875 millimeters radius.

Held together by Heavy Duty Rivets: 6 total (3 on each side)

Rivets are smooth on the back side.

Strong, Durable, Lite-Weight, Weather Treated.