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Whether you get dirty on the job, in the garage, on the trail, or around the home, Concert Shop has the heavy-duty workwear and tools and accessories you want and need to get the job done.

Concert Shop Specialty Brands

5.11 Tactical
Blaklader Workwear
Observer Tools Tools Without Compromise FL1000 LED Rechargeable Flashlight FL1000-G OBS-SR14 OBS-SR38 Ratchets
Rite in the Rain
SOG Studies and Observations Group

We are Concert Shop

We don't just sell the gear. We use it.

Concert Shop is a boutique store providing tried and true heavy-duty workwear clothing along with tools and accessories tailored to meet the demands of people who work with their hands.

We use our real-world experiences working at some of the most challenging festivals, concerts, and event sites around the world to find the best heavy-duty workwear on the market. We then offer those products to working professionals - the stagehand, the construction worker, the auto worker, the electrician, the painter, the rigger, the supervisor, the teamster, the stage manager, and yes, even the boss - at reasonable prices.

Browse our website to shop top-rated brands like Blaklader, KEY-BAK PRO, Klarus Lighting, Gig Gear, and more.

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