Things To Consider When Buying a New Fall Protection System

Things To Consider When Buying a New Fall Protection System

Workers who spend a lot of time at great heights are at risk of injury due to falls. Typically, these workers will use fall protection harnesses to arrest them should they slip and plummet. Do you need a harness for work but are having a hard time picking one due to the numerous options on offer? To help you select a harness, here are four essential things to consider when buying a new fall protection system.

Is It Safe?

Naturally, your harness needs to meet OSHA standards. Fall protection compliance is one of the most common OSHA violations, and you don't want to be fined for not adhering to the law. OSHA's fall protection standards vary from industry to industry; for industrial work, your harness needs to meet the standards outlined in OSHA 1910. For construction work, reference OSHA 1926, and for maritime work, reference OSHA 1915.

Where Are the D-Rings Located?

You also need to consider the location of the D-rings. Typically, you can find the D-rings in one of two places: on the chest or on the back. A harness with sternum (chest) D-rings is best if you're using a vertical lifeline, while one with dorsal (back) D-rings is best if you're using a horizontal lifeline. Some harnesses also come with side D-rings, which are a must if you need to work hands-free.

Is It Comfortable?

You'll be wearing your harness for the better part of your workday. The last thing you want is for it to be awkward or painful to wear. For a comfortable fit, look for a harness that has extra padding in the shoulders, back, waist, and legs; this provides additional support and can make you feel lighter.

Does It Fit Correctly?

The final thing to consider when buying a new fall protection system is the size. It's crucial that the harness you buy fits correctly. Otherwise, it could be uncomfortable or prove hazardous. Most brands provide a sizing guide that will help you determine the best harness size for your body. Ideally, your harness should feel snug but not overly constricting. To see if your harness fits correctly, try to slip an unclenched hand between your skin and the harness. Does it fit? If so, your harness is the right size.

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