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Let's face it, folks. As a former roadie who now slings gear at Concert Shop, I've seen my fair share of "miracle" products. Lights that promise the sun and moon, tools that claim to mend broken dreams, and work lights... well, work lights tend to be, well, work lights. Until I met the Klarus WL1. This little beast isn't just a light; it's a game-changer for anyone who needs to see what they're doing, no matter the setting. First Impressions: Built Like a Tank, Lights Up Like a Rockstar From the moment I picked up the Klarus WL1, I knew...

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Notepad, Pocket Tools, Roadie, Stagehand, Weatherproof -

These notepads are built to take a beating. I'm talking dropped in mosh pits, shoved into overflowing backpacks, and used as impromptu coasters for lukewarm PBR.

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