The Benefits of Having First Aid Kits on Every Job Site

The Benefits of Having First Aid Kits on Every Job Site

Look around the jobsite: do you think it looks safe? Yes? Great!

But even the most secure jobsites can have hidden dangers lurking around, and you never know when one will strike. For this reason, it’s best to play it safe and put measures in place to prevent accidents or at least minimize their effect. Having first aid kits on the jobsite is one way you can protect workers should things go awry—here are a few reasons to consider getting some.

Fewer Accidents

You’ll need to train your workers how to use the first aid kit properly, and this training can be as useful as the first aid kit itself. Providing first aid training gives your workers the knowledge they need to prevent accidents in the first place or put a stop to them before they get out of hand. This can reduce the number of incidents—and the severity of incidents—that occur.

Save Lives

After an injury occurs, it takes seven minutes on average for the ambulance to arrive. Those seven minutes can be crucial, especially if the victim is verging on unconsciousness, not breathing, or bleeding heavily. Painkillers can help keep someone in severe pain awake, and a gauze tourniquet can temporarily quell bleeding until professional help arrives. Quite literally, first aid kits can save lives!

Makes Workers Feel Safer

Another benefit of having first aid kits on every jobsite is that it can make workers feel safer. Jobsites in the industrial field are riddled with danger, which can make workers feel on guard and antsy. In some cases, this can make them more alert, but in others, it can be distracting and negatively impact their mental health and morale. By having first aid kits on site, you reassure workers that even should something bad happen, their injuries will be treated quickly.

Reduced Recovery Time

The faster you treat an injury, the less likely it is that complications will occur. Fewer complications translate into a shorter recovery time, which means injured workers can recover and return to work faster than if there was no initial intervention.

If you want to stock your jobsite with first aid kits, Concert Shop has a variety of first aid kits for sale, including mini kits, general purpose kits, and tactical trauma kits. It’s better to be safe than sorry—protect your workers with this essential tool kit today.