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Safe Two Hand Touch - SafeTHT Hi-Vis iPad/Tablet Harness

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Two Hand Touch

The Safety Two Hand Touch (SafeTHT) is a high-visibility wearable iPad and tablet case that is secured to the chest via an adjustable harness, leaving both hands available to interface with any apps necessary while on the job.

It is no longer necessary to hand-carry your iPad while at work. The SafeTHT frees up both hands to do work. 

This is a perfect product for Architects, Surveyors, Inspectors, AV techs, systems installers and integrators on job sites where hi-vis gear is required. The Two Hand Touch comes in 2 sizes that perfectly fit the iPad or the iPad Pro, but is also able to securely hold many other sized tablets.

Ideal for anyone who needs quick 2-hand access to their iPad/Tablet while working. The SafeTHT is the ultimate iPad and tablet chest rig.

For the entertainment technician, remote mixing or programming on an iPad or tablet is commonplace. It gives engineers the opportunity to get out from behind the board and hear sound in the venue from different locations while making mix changes on the spot.

Almost every remote mixing app has multi-touch capabilities built in, but taking advantage of the multi-touch features are near impossible when one hand is always being used to actually hold the iPad. Not anymore! Thanks to the SafeTHT Harness and chest rig by Gig Gear.

Two available models:

SafeTHT9: Two Hand Touch 9 for the standard iPad 9.7” and 10.2" versions.
SafeTHT12: Two Hand Touch 12 for iPad Pro 12.9” versions.

With multiple elastic bands in different configurations included on the inside of the case, tablets and phones of all sizes can easily be secured.

When not in use, the case flattens up against the harness and secured out of the way. On the front of the case are strategic pockets and pouches that hold multiple accessories and tools, including; pens, a dB meter, microphones (both handheld and measurement), gaff tape, cables, radios, picks, drum keys, wrenches, allen keys, and more.

The Two Hand Touch is an ergonomically better option — eliminating the need of holding tablets up for long periods. With the Two Hand Touch, the lightweight harness takes the tablet and puts the weight at the center of the trunk of the body allowing for a healthier method of utilizing a tablet for long periods of time. The Two Hand Touch can stay attached to the user for as long as necessary without causing fatigue or muscle cramping and tightening.

The Two Hand Touch is also perfect for all other professionals who need access to their iPads while working, including lighting designers and techs, stage managers and technical directors, film production pros, event and floor managers, estimators, foreman, shop stewards, inspectors, and more. 


  • No need to hold and carry an iPad or tablet; make use of multi-touch features in apps with both hands available
  • Stays out of the way when secured up against the body
  • Fully adjustable neck and waist bands for a comfortable fit
  • 2 sizes: traditional iPad (9.7") and iPad Pro (12.9")
  • Additional elastic straps can secure all other sized tablets or large phones
  • Ergonomic harness design reduces fatigue and cramping in hands from having to hold the iPad while working
  • Front pockets and straps secure additional accessories such as: dB meter, microphones, radio, tools, gaff tape, Gig Gloves, etc.

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