XT12GT PRO USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight 1600 LM

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Klarus XT12GT-PRO Flashlight

Extreme Distance

Unlock unparalleled illumination with the Klarus XT12GT PRO! Emitting up to 1,600 lumens in a focused beam capable of reaching half a mile, this flashlight is perfect for search and rescue operations. Its compact and portable design makes it ideal for use in Law Enforcement or everyday tasks. The XT12GT PRO offers two mode-access options, Tactical and Outdoor, to meet your specific lighting requirements. Tactical mode grants swift access to Turbo and Strobe functions, allowing for quick and effortless use. Outdoor mode includes SOS for emergency signaling purposes.

Built to Last

Utilizing a Luminus SFT40 LED, the XT12GT Pro offers reliable performance with extended runtimes and consistent output. Paired with a high-efficiency intelligent control circuit, it is built to withstand extreme use and maintain optimal function for long work days or missions.

Fuel and Accessory Choices

You'll have a wide range of fuel options because the XT12GT Pro supports a working voltage from 2.5 to 8.4V. This allows your choice of 1 x 21700 or 18650, or 2 x CR123As, 16340s, or 18350s. This flexibility in fuel choices allows you to power your light with whatever is on hand or available. Customize your light with ample compatible accessory options, including barrel clamps, red or green filters, remote control cable, or tactical holsters.

  • Massive throw of 850 meters, great for search & rescue or long-range object identification.
  • Max runtime of 288 hours allows for extended use, especially helpful in emergencies
  • Tactical or Outdoor modes customize access to Turbo, Strobe, and SOS
  • Ample variety in battery compatibility gives you flexible options for powering light

Quality Construction: Made from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum alloy helps with resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and shock and helps make it impact resistant to 1 meter. Innovative ITS(Intelligent Temperature Protection System) technology, monitors temperature and auto-adjusts output levels in real-time.The IPX8 waterproof rating means that the light will keep working even in the worst inclement weather.

Dimensions: 1.08"x1.77"x6.7"

Weight: 6.0 oz. without battery