Elite First Aid

GP IFAK Level 2 First Aid Kit

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Elite First Aid

GP IFAK Level 2 is the perfect first aid kit for any vehicle or jobsite. Designed with a removable velcro panel on the back that contains MOLLE straps, two rings to attach to clips, and an adjustable buckle and strap. This design is ideal for being able to attach you kit to a multitude of locations while being able to pull the bag’s handle to rip the main bag off the velcro panel. The adjustable buckle and strap can be used to attach the kit to any headrest. Having a headrest first aid kit gives you the ability to always know where your GP IFAK is and quickly tear it off the panel.

Most adult males take 60 seconds to bleed out. Having a Headrest First Aid kit gives you those extra seconds from having to locate your IFAK and more time saving lives. THE first aid kit for you on the go.

Add an Elite First Aid Instant Cold Pack to this kit

(1) Quik Clot mini combat gauze
(16) 1" x 3" bandage strips
(5) Butterfly closure strips
(4) 2" x 4" bandage strips
(4) 2" x 2" sterile gauze
(4) 3" x 3" sterile gauze
(1) Suture set
(2) Knuckle bandages
(2) Fingertip bandages
(2) Burn gel packets
(1) Triangular bandage
(1) TK4 tourniquet
(2) Pair Nitrile gloves
(1) CPR face shield
(1) Lip balm
(2) Triple antibiotic ointment
(1) Emergency blanket
(1) 2" elastic bandage
(1) #3 scalpel handle with 2 blades
(1) SS curved hemostat
(1) 5" x 9" abdominal pad
(1) 4" x 4" burn gel dressing
(1) Nasopharyngeal airway with lubricant
(8) 4" x 4" sterile gauze
(1) Chest seal
(1) Tweezer
(1) Stainless scissors
(1) LED pen light
(1) Dental repair kit
(1) 7.25" EMT shears
(1) Conforming gauze, 4" x 4.1yds
(1) Emergency trauma dressing
(1) Tongue depressor
(1) 1" surgical tape
(2) Ammonia inhalants
(4) Pain relievers
(4) Sting and bite wipes
(1) Plastic whistle
(4) BZK wipes
(4) Iodine wipes
(1) Liquid skin
(4) Alcohol wipes

Comes in nylon MOLLE compatible zippered storage/carry bag.

Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 5.5”
Available in Red, Black, or OD Green

Weight: 2.4 lbs

Country of Origin: USAMADE IN USA